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Step 1:
Measure Your band size:
Use a tape to measure your bra band size, directly under your bust. Breathe out expelling all air from your lungs, while taking the measurement.
Round off your measurement to the nearest whole number.
Bras come in even band sizes(30/32/34/36/38/40/42)
So, if your measurement is even, add 4"(e.g 32" + 4" = 36) to get your band size : 36
If your measurement is odd, add 5"(e.g. 27" + 5" = 32) to get your band size : 32

Step 2:
Measure Your bust:
Stand straight, with your arms at your side.measure at the fullest part of your bust(while wearing a non -padded bra), making sure the tape is parallel to the ground.
Round off your measurement to the nearest whole number

Step 3 :
Calculate your cup size
Subtract your band measurement (step 1)
from your bust measurement (step 2)
Bust size (step 2) - band size (step 1) = Difference

Step 4 : Determine your cup size
If the difference is Your standard cup size is
0-1" (2.6cm) A
2" (5.1cm)
3" (7.6cm)
4" (10.2cm)
5" (12.7cm) DD or E