Determining The Right Bra for Yourself

 Choosing and buying the correct size


Wearing the right -sized bra is important to support your breasts properly as you develop, go through
 changes such as pregnancy, and as you get older. A poorly -fitted bra can cause shoulder, neck and back
 tension, as well as uncomfortable bulges around your breasts and upper arms. Finding the best fitting bra
 will depend upon style, manufacturer and fabric, so be prepared to try on several bras before you buy.


Try before you buy


If you are buying your first bra or your breast size has changed, it's worth visiting a lingerie department
 and asking for a trained fitter to help you select the most comfortable and correctly fitting bra for you.
 Some bra fitters take measurements and use a formula to work out the bra size. This is helpful as a guide
 but it's also useful to try on different sizes and styles of bras and have hands-on checks to make sure the
 bra wire, shoulder straps and underband fit correctly.


What to look for when trying on a bra


Shoulder straps should fit closely to the body without cutting in. They should lift the breasts so that they
sit on the chest wall, and stay in place when you raise your arms above your head. Shoulder straps are
adjustable to help you get the best fit.


Cups should be filled by the breast without any areas of loose fabric, or any of your breast bulging out of
the side or top, and should be high at the sides to cover the breast. Most women have one breast larger
than the other. If your breasts are different sizes, make sure the cup fits the larger breast.


Wires should fit flat on the breastbone and support the underneath and side of the breast without digging
in or gaping.


Underband should fit closely to the body, not too tight or too loose and be the same level at the front and


 Bras often go in the washing machine with the rest of the washing but hand washing can prolong their
Iifespan, and help to keep the shape and colour too. Be prepared to replace your bras several times a year
and always get fitted for a bra after having a baby, losing or gaining weight, and following the menopause.