Wash & Care

Proper lingerie care is essential for longer lasting of bras and panties and should be done delicately, keeping in mind the 3 points mentioned below:

  • Alcohol free detergents to be used for washing
  • Hand washing preferred over machine washing
  • Hang drying of lingerie is preferable

Caring for your lingerie is important to prolong the life of your innerwear, and also to ensure that you do not accidently damage them during washing.

By Hand

  • Remove all your jewellery and ensure that your nails don't have any sharp edges.
  • Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add alcohol free washing detergent.
  • Soak lingerie for an hour or so .
  • Rub the fabric gently to remove dirt from it.
  • Take a towel and dump the lingerie on it.
  • Keep another towel on top to soak the extra water from the washed lingerie.
  • Hang your lingerie to dry.

By Washing Machine

  • Generally machine washing is not advisable but for some lingerie you can go for machine washing.
  • Use a mild detergent that do not comprise of bleach.
  • Turn the items inside out so that they do not get lint while washing.
  • Avoid putting your lingerie in the dryer so that they do not lose their elasticity.
  • Avoid wring your hosiery as it might cause them to lose their shape.

By Drying

  • Dry the items on a towel. Blot the excess, gently roll and fold the towel with the garments inside, unroll and leave the garment to dry naturally.
  • Ensure that you never dry your lingerie over a direct heat source.
  • Also while drying do not wring your hosiery as it may cause them to lose their original shape and break the yarns.

Replacing your bra
Avoid wearing your bras for 2 days in a row. By alternating your bra you give the fabric enough time to recover.

Storing your bra
If you can store your lingerie properly, you can keep it in good condition for a longer time period. T-shirt bras need special care. You cannot just fold them in half and put them in them aside.